The Curtis Reincarnation - Zathyn Priest A captivating love story between a world famous rock-star and his newest and biggest fan!

Tyler Curtis, aka Alec, is arguably the most talented musician in the world, but his bad-boy persona creates a lot of problems. Fortunately, it's all an act, as Jordan Braxton quickly discovers. Their chance meeting quickly leads to a strong emotional connection and a lovely relationship. Together they will face an evil manager, rotten mother, Alec's epilepsy and serious emotional challenges.

The story is mostly told from the POV of Alec and Jordan, which allowed us to get to know both characters extremely well. Periodically, we would hear from somebody else and get a different perspective.

Alec is a very kind person down to the bottom of his soul. Although the emotional abuse he suffered left him in a very insecure state, once Jordan came into his life, he quickly began to stand up for himself. Jordan was a strong person who was happy on his own until the moment he met and fell for Alec. Their love for each other was beautiful and never in doubt. Their heartfelt dialog, including poems and songs, was very emotional and beautiful.

All of the angst of the story was outside of the relationship. The limited sex scenes were mostly just sensual. There were several other characters who contributed nicely to the story including Jordan's sister and one of the tabloid writers. The story takes place over the course of a year and included a perfect epilogue. This was an absolutely amazing and riveting story which just went on my favorites shelf!

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