A Highlander in L. A. - J.P. Bowie Duncan MacGregor is living in 18th century Scotland and about to marry against his wishes to help bring peace to his clan. His dearest friend and witch, Fiona, decides that he needs to be with his soul mate, Darren Holden, a 21st century cop. Darren must decide if he believes Duncan's story about coming from the past while the two of them fall in love.

The first portion of the story was actually told in part by Fiona to explain why she sent Duncan to the future. There was quite a bit of description of the clan issues during the beginning of the book, allowing us to get to know Duncan pretty well. Duncan and Darren were both dreaming of each other for a period of time before meeting so they felt as if they already knew each other.

Once Duncan is in L.A., he and Darren begin a quick romance which basically resulted in a lot of sex to the point it overwhelmed the story. They did other things together, but those activities were mostly mentioned in passing except for a fun trip to the mall. We really never got to know Darren very well which made it difficult to develop an emotional connection to their relationship. There was a bit of inconsistency with Duncan's speech patterns which became confusing.

The ending was very abrupt in two ways. First, it ended at the 90% mark on the Kindle. Second, the epilogue was told from Fiona's POV leaving the reader to question how Duncan ended up fitting into our world. While the overall plot was an interesting and sweet concept, the execution didn't work out quite as well.

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