Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane
Even true love can take a great deal of time to bring a relationship to fruition, but it's worth winning the battle to get there.

Jasper "Ace" Atchison is a Staff Sergeant in Afhganistan who takes Private Sonny Daye under his protection. Although they are just friends, Ace hopes that one day it will be more than that. Ace goes home first and begins to put their dream of owning a home and car shop into action. Sonny has some demons from his past, and it will be up to Ace to help him move on with his life.

The story is told from the POV of Ace who was a strong character, but very simple in his needs. He just wanted to make Sonny's dreams come true and hopefully spend the rest of his life with him. Sonny was a unique character who spoke very little and wanted even less out of life. He had his dreams, but the most important one was belonging to Ace. As they fumble their way through forming a loving relationship, they must deal with owning a business, the dangers of car racing, and Sonny's past which comes back to haunt him.

Every friend of Sonny and Ace needed help in some way. It was hard seeing so many people desperately in need of being treated better. Since the story took place over several years, the relationship was very believable. The author's writing style always has a way of making you feel like you're part of the story. Unfortunately, the story had a sad undertone to it the entire time, but at least all of the angst was outside of the relationship.

Overall, this was an interesting story filled with characters that needed to be loved.

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