Temporary Mark (Collared, #3) - Kim Dare I really enjoyed this just like I enjoy almost all of Dare's books. This was longer than her normal stories, and I loved how she filled it with more information about the characters. I really felt like I got to know Mr. Nolan (too hard to call him Edward!) and Mark. I loved both of them. It was a little sad to read because of how abused Mark had been. I also wish there would have been a little more explanation about his family. He mentioned something and then left us hanging. Other than that, it was amazing! These two healed each other and it was believable and romantic!

Two side notes:
Best line: "Perhaps he didn't know how to be perfect or how to outdo Frank the Wonder Sub, but Mark knew how to fight." So much was packed in that line.

If you read through the copyright warnings (can't help myself), the last paragraph mentions that there are 111 pages for the story and an additional 12 pages of a free excerpt for another great Dare book. So no surprises when it ended at the 87% point on the Kindle.