The Lord's Lover (Regency Triad, #1) - Jenna Rose Ellis Best friends to forbidden lovers during a time when one man loving another could result in their death, but not being together might not be a life worth living.

Marcus Weston is an Earl currently living under his father's control until he eventually becomes the Marquess of Huntington. His dearest friend, Horace (Race) Bates, is the housekeeper's son. Race's station alone should prevent them from becoming best friends, but it doesn't. Instead, they grow up together and know almost everything about one another, except how they both truly feel.

The majority of the story revolves around the two men both trying to accept their feelings for each other while trying to decide if they should risk baring their souls to one another. It was great getting both of their perspectives, feeling their doubts, and hoping they would see the light. I really enjoyed watching the two of them work through their feelings while hearing their thoughts. There was a beautiful steamy scene between the young lovers. Marcus' father was a tyrant which added some additional drama to the story. There was also one minor bloody scene which was a bit disturbing to read. This is the first in the series, and while I felt I got my HEA, I'm also really looking forward to the next story to see their saga continue.

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