Organic Chemistry - Andrew  Grey Brain and brawn connect to create a romantic reaction.

Brendon Marcus is the socially awkward genius professor with a heart of gold. Josh Horton is the hunky new assistant football coach who loves to help people. After a chance meeting in the hallway, they begin a sweet romance while dealing with college politics.

Brendon was presented as almost childlike in his behavior and responses to others. After losing both of his parents, he found himself alone in the world. However, since he was a genius, he was able to lose himself as a college professor and research scientist. Although completely inept at interacting with others, he never came across as mean or arrogant, but simply clueless.

Josh managed to see past Brendon's social issues to find the kind man underneath. Josh was also a really strong character who cared deeply for his team and wanted to help them become better people. They made a great couple, especially as they worked to resolve issues with Brendon's department head. The only issue with this story was some of the dialogue. At times, Brendon sounded like a young child while talking which hurt the romantic angle and took you out of the story.

Otherwise, it was a quick and easy romantic read with really nice characters and a sweet ending.

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