Love in La Terraza - Ethan Day Can a house ever really be a home without the person you love sharing it with you?

Cain Elliott is desperately trying to save his home, La Terraza, a beautiful apartment complex left to him by his grandmother. Henry Abrams just moved into town to work for a large architectural firm, which ironically is also trying to buy La Terraza from Cain for another client. They meet at a bar one night where it’s lust at first sight. After a wonderful evening together, they discover that maybe there is a chance for a real relationship between them. First they have to determine if they can work through the challenges of their conflicting desires to save or sell La Terraza.

Cain was an absolutely adorable character. He was charming and sweet and had a heart of gold. He loved La Terraza and was determined to try to save it. Unfortunately, the lovely building was in need of a lot of expensive repairs that he couldn't afford. Henry was kind, smart, and a bit dominating but in a sexy way. He wanted to take care of Cain and do anything he could to help him out. As they spend time together, they realize they are meant for each other. Their biggest struggle is the concern that Henry has about whether he can trust his feelings for Cain, and if they are truly returned. The other tenants in the complex were interesting and added to the story without getting in the way. They were also very protective of Cain in addition to being a bit meddlesome.

Overall this was a very enjoyable, instant love, low-angst romance.

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