The Apothecary's Garden - Julie Bozza The depth of emotion that this book managed to pull from me without anything drastic happening is why this book just hit my favorites shelf.

There were little issues, like wanting to know more about Hilary and why he was alone in the first place. But then I realized that not everybody who ends up alone had any major reason for that happening. Sometimes life just brings us in that direction and we don't do enough to change it. I'm glad Hilary did. Watching him fight the relationship was truly heart wrenching because I cared for him so deeply.

I can't say enough good things about Tom. He was so determined to get what he wanted - Hilary - and you could just tell that he was going to win. The only reason Hilary tried to stay away from Tom was because of the age difference. There wasn't any other drama or silly antics taking place. Just one simple truth. But Tom didn't care. He loved the man, and it wasn't his fault that the true love of his life was born too early.

I love the way the author writes & will definitely look for other books by her.

Thanks Vio for pushing me to read this. I never would have discovered this gem without you and other GR friends leading the way.