Prize Package - Kyle Adams Winning the contest was exciting, but the real prize was meeting someone special.

Jason Smith just won a contest, but since he’s addicted to entering contests, he doesn’t even remember entering this one. He gets to spend the day with a champion professional wrestler, which would be great if he knew anything at all about wrestling. The MeatGrinder, aka Trent Peterson, has to spend the day with a fan, but he has a complete itinerary to follow to keep the two of them entertained. Neither of them expect the day to take an unexpected turn.

Jason is adorable and sarcastic letting his thoughts flow through his mouth without a filter. In the past he was shy, but he’s gotten past that stage in his life and is no longer afraid to go after what he wants. Trent is dedicated to his craft, works hard, and is very interested in pursuing Jason. The main focus of the story is the fun day that they spend together.

However, simple doesn’t mean boring when you have Kyle Adams’ trademark humor. There are several lines in this story that had me burst out laughing which is a huge treat. In addition to several sexy scenes, there was a lot of interaction between the characters, and an ending that solidified the start of a sweet relationship.

If you enjoy a sweet romance with a great sense of humor, I highly recommend this winner!

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