The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker - J.A. Rock Wow! This story was amazing!!! It's hard enough to write an amazing story, but what Rock was attempting was even harder in my mind.

First, you have an established couple which isn't always easy to write about without creating a lot of unnecessary drama. This was done extremely well. Amon and Jayk are solid. There were moments where they questioned whether they were good enough for the other guy, but they were just moments. They quickly came to the right conclusion. Watching them reach that conclusion was beautiful and thoughtful.

Second, you had a similar plot to the first story but with extra people swapping bodies. As I hit that point, I was genuinely worried that the author might not pull it off. I should have had more faith. It was perfect!! The moments where Jayk was learning what it was like to be a woman were pure comedic genius.

Third, the author was trying to write humor which is always challenging. Fortunately, she was dead-on, and I loved every minute of it.

I loved the characters and how they stayed true to form. I loved their domestic discipline relationship and Jayk's reflections on why and how it helped him so much. The adoration and love Jayk and Amon have for each other was beautiful and romantic. I can't wait to read this again!