Ghost of a Chance - T.A. Chase Second chance at love but with a ghostly twist!

Padraig Monaghan was killed in a brawl 10 years ago and has been wandering the world as a ghost ever since. One night, after witnessing a mugging resulting in death, he unexpectedly assumes the body of the dead man. Stepping into a bar for a drink, he runs into Gareth Reilly, the man he had developed a crush on 10 years ago.

Gareth is celebrating his birthday alone, yet again, when he is approached by a man he doesn't recognize except for his wonderful eyes. Feeling adventurous, he takes Padraig home, thus beginning the second chance for their romance.

I really enjoyed the characters and liked that we heard from both of their perspectives. Although Padraig was a bit of a rebel in his youth, he was always a good person in his heart. Gareth was a sweet but shy person who developed a crush on Padraig while they worked together on the docks 10 years earlier. After reconnecting with each other, there were several steamy scenes while they got to know each other. The romance would have worked much better if the two had formed some sort of friendship during their first infatuation with each other 10 years earlier.

If you enjoy second chance sweet romances with a few paranormal twists, this is a very enjoyable story.

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