If It Fornicates - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt How much can you give up for love and still be true to yourself?

Spencer and Nick have just started a relationship and are slowly moving toward the magical feeling of love. Unfortunately, neither of them loves their jobs right now. However, while Spencer can easily be an attorney at another firm, it will be much harder for Nick to replace his income as a high-paid rent-boy. Nick is having a really hard time focusing at work which can be dangerous to his clients as he's swinging his whip. Nick will need to make some important decisions in the near future about his job and his relationship.

The majority of the story is spent listening to Nick's inner monologue while he tries to understand why he no longer enjoys his job, and what impact Spencer is having on his life. I was really hoping we would get inside of Nick's head, and it would be exciting and wicked. Unfortunately, he was a very ordinary and mature young man who was simply falling in love for the first time. He was an extremely nice guy who was willing to admit his feelings and work through the impact on his future. The story was still enjoyable, but it was missing the edge I was hoping to see. There were several steamy sex scenes including one with Nick and a client. There is very little dialog in this story, but since we already knew Nick from the first story, the relationship still felt strong and believable. There were some romantic and tender moments with Nick and Spencer that were very touching.

It isn't necessary to read the entire series, but without reading at least the 3rd story, "If It Flies", it would be hard to really enjoy this one. "If It Flies" was actually my favorite story in the series. It was nice to see Spencer and Nick get their true happy ending. This story was an interesting psychological analysis of what somebody goes through when they consider changing their lives for another person.

ARC kindly provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley for Swept Away by Romance