Lacey and Lethal - Laurann Dohner All vampires are evil, or are they? Can Lacey find it in herself to see past Lethal being a vampire or is there no hope for a romance?

Lacey lost her sister when a vampire killed her three years ago. Since then, her fiancé left her, she gave up her day job, and now she spends her time trying to kill off every vampire she can with the help of her team. Lethal is a very old and powerful vampire who happens to own a local club where other vampires can come to safely drink blood from willing donors. He's about to get caught by Lacey and face her wrath.

Lacey was a wonderful character. She was extremely smart which was evident by the way she thought through her plans. She was also very funny and had a sarcastic barb for every situation. I really got a kick out of watching her interactions, especially with Lethal. But she's starting to realize that her life is a bit lonely. After capturing Lethal, she decides that there's nothing wrong with having sex with him before she kills him. It felt a little non-consensual for poor Lethal until you realize that Lethal was pushing her to do it. However, they both seemed to really enjoy it, and their relationship progressed from there.

Lethal is extremely sexy, powerful, and also a bit lonely. He really needs a mate that can keep him in his place, and he thinks Lacey is certainly the woman for the job. After promising to help her find her sister's killer, she lets him live to see if he'll follow through on his promise. The rest of the story was exciting as the vampires are attacked by Lacey's old team.

Although this was a pretty standard vampire story with an instant love theme, there was quite a bit of action and humor in the story. It's based in the world of some of her earlier stories, but you don't need to read them first to enjoy this. Having said that, I'm going to make a point to read those stories too, since I really liked this one. An enjoyable vampire romance with a strong, witty heroine, and an action packed plot that made for an easy afternoon read.

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