Sweet Young Thang - Anne Tenino Collin Montes belongs to the Theta Alpha Gamma fraternity which recently started to publicly welcome gay and bisexual students. Eric Dixon is a paramedic who meets Collin after the frat house almost blows up. Sparks fly between the two of them, but can their relationship get over the hurdles thrown in their path?

Collin serves as the alumni liaison, and his uncle Monty is the president of the Alumni Association. Monty and his business associates aren't thrilled with the open door policy. They want it removed, and are threatening the frat with monetary penalties if they don't follow orders. On top of that, there is now an investigation into the intentional attack on the frat house. All of the issues surrounding the fraternity were really interesting and kept the story flowing, especially with Tenino's humor. Unfortunately, the romance for this story didn't work at all for me.

Collin was a very nice kid, but he was really just starting out in the world. He was relatively inexperienced, never having had a boyfriend before, and slightly immature. He had a lot to figure out about himself and his life. Eric was pretty settled in his routine except that he was looking for the right partner to share it with. He had an interesting hobby with his photography, and he was really a great guy. Eric was also about 15 years older than Collin. This could have worked if a lot more time had been spent developing their relationship. Unfortunately, the majority of the time they spent together was having sex. Therefore, I never bought the relationship between a relatively mature man and an extremely young and inexperienced college student. Eric referred to Collin as "sweet young thang", or some derivative of that, constantly which became very annoying. When Eric began taking nude pictures of Collin, it seemed very inappropriate and borderline creepy. I failed to understand the connection between the two of them. I could understand Collin looking up to Eric since he was very supportive with everything that Collin was involved with, but more like a big brother than as somebody to spend your life with. I enjoyed the first two stories in this series, but it wasn't necessary to read them to follow this one.

If you enjoy a low angst suspense story with a May/December romance and some humor, this story might be the treat for you.

*A copy of this book was provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley* Review originally posted on Swept Away by Romance.