Junk - Josephine Myles Truly engaging analysis of the mind of a hoarder and the man that loves him.

Jasper Richardson, a university librarian, has finally accepted that his hoarding of magazines, newspapers, and books can no longer continue. He has finally accepted that he needs professional help to deal with this issue.

Lewis Miller is a professional clutter clearer with a degree in psychology. He not only helps people with the actual clearing of the items, but he also tries to help them with the psychological aspects of the issue. As Lewis works to help Jasper, it becomes very clear that they are attracted to each other. However, Lewis wonders if the feelings are real or if Jasper is just infatuated with the person who is helping him.

The story is told from both points of view which worked really well. Jasper is a very nice and intelligent person who has plenty of friends at work and the local diner. He also has Mas, a guy whom he sleeps with on a regular basis. However, he breaks up with Mas when he realizes that he wants to try to have more than a professional relationship with Lewis. Unfortunately, for most of the story, Lewis truly believes that he has a moral obligation not to let the two of them fall in love with each other until they are no longer working together.

Lewis is also a sweet guy, and I loved the interactions with him and his family. Lewis thinks he has issues with wanting to change people, and he's very hesitant to jump into another relationship for fear he'll just try to fix them, too. However, since the only thing we ever saw Lewis do with Jasper was help him solve his hoarding problems, it's really hard to know if Lewis has changed at all. I would have really liked to have seen them spend more time together as an established couple. They made such a great pair, including their steamy sex scenes.

They had so many deep conversations revolving around Jasper's hoarding issues, and it was fascinating to get inside of Jasper's head. It was also great to listen to Lewis analyze Jasper, and then try to come up with the best way to help him. I know this was a full novel, and it sounds greedy, but I still want more of this couple.

I would love a second book focused on Lewis' issues. I absolutely loved this riveting character-based story with its spectacular dialogue.

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