500 Miles (An MLR Mixed Tape) - Parker Williams Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, and a smart man will listen to it.

Mark might be a young teenager, but he's old enough to know that he loves Jase, his older brother's best friend. When Mark's brother and Jase leave for the war, Mark sends them wonderful care packages. In return, they send him cassette tapes with music and nice messages. One unfortunate day, the cassette bears a sad message, and Mark's life changes. But his heart doesn't.

The entire story is told from Mark's point of view, which worked very well with this plot. Since Mark was too young before Jase left, we are presented with what appears to be an unrequited crush. Jase is a sweetheart who is always looking out for the younger Mark, including letting him tag along all of the time. Mark is sweet and loving, which is proven over and over again through his actions. Since you're dealing with the nasty after-effects of war, there were some really sad parts to this story. I thought the epilogue was really sweet.

If you enjoy the concept of having one true love and watching how that love can help a person cope with a tragedy, then I think you'll like this very romantic and memorable story.

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