Improves with Age - Lavinia Lewis A widower's second chance with a new love.

Reece Watkins lost the love of his life to a heart attack. He moves back to his old home to try to reduce his stress, and he runs into an old schoolmate, Nick Kenison. The sparks fly, and Reece must decide if he's ready to take a second shot at love.

The two meet when Reece's roof develops a leak and hires Nick to fix it. After having sex within minutes of seeing each other again, the two of them spend quite a bit of time together while Nick very slowly takes care of the house. I liked how they spent some time together, and that they were both really nice characters. I also enjoyed seeing two older characters get another chance at love. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of an emotional connection to either of the characters.

This was a sweet romance between two mature men with very little angst.

The Romance Review

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