The Crush Revisited - Shawn Lane High school reunions can bring both happy and sad memories, but the future is all that really matters when it comes to love.

Brandon Collins has lived his entire life in Lincoln Hill. Although lonely in school, Brandon now has a job he loves and lots of good friends. His high school reunion has just been scheduled at the resort he manages. He can't attend since he's working, but that doesn't really concern him. His biggest issue is that the person he had a major crush on in high school will be at the reunion.

Tim Olfander was the popular guy in school that everybody liked, but he was desperate to leave town and hit the big city. He dreamed of being a top lawyer working at a large law firm. Although he's getting that dream to come true, he's starting to realize that it's not really making him happy. He's working too many hours to enjoy life, and he has no time for a real relationship. As the two connect at the reunion, they slowly begin to realize that there is a chance for something more between the two of them, but only if some significant changes take place.

The majority of the first part of the book was spent with Tim and Brandon having a "no strings attached" sex affair. The two characters really didn't have a lot of conversations, which made it difficult to emotionally connect to the almost constant sex. We did get to know the characters through their interactions with other friends. I really liked both of them, but I was really fond of Brandon, who was just a sweetheart. The friends were also fun, and I could certainly see future stories with them as the focal point.

Fortunately, the last portion of the story was significantly better. We finally got to see some real conversations between the men as they tried to make a long distance relationship work. The ending was very realistic and gave me hope that they could truly find happiness together.

An enjoyable story about high school reunions, and making changes in our lives for love.

The Romance Review

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