Strong Enough - Cardeno C. Sweet and sexy love story where the relationship is based on two people wanting the same things out of life.

Spencer Derdinger, a university professor, has been checking out the construction workers outside his office for days. One of the workers, Emilio Sanchez, has had his eye on Spencer. After the first date, it's become apparent that these two have a special connection. Spencer just needs to work through his insecurities in order to take Emilio up on the relationship that is being offered.

Spencer is a 38-year old math professor at the university, and he truly believes he isn't much of a catch. This concept was reinforced repeatedly by his last cheating boyfriend and a family that has very little to do with him. Emilio Sanchez is a very sexy, mature, and hard working 22-year old electrician. I got a kick out of Emilio's arrogance. He knew he was hot, but he never used it in a negative way and instead he hoped it would help him win Spencer. He knows the age difference bothers Spencer, but these two have so much in common and want the same things out of life that Emilio considers their age a non-issue.

Spencer and Emilio absolutely adored each other, and this could have almost been too sweet of a story. Fortunately, there was just enough angst, with Emilio's jealousy and the appearance of Spencer's ex-boyfriend, that it kept the story interesting. Even though Spencer wasn't sure why Emilio would possibly want him, he was smart enough not to push him away. I also adored the interactions with Emilio's family, including when they teased each other, but especially how they protected each other.

The story moved at a great pace, and I read it in one sitting. I loved the instant attraction these two had, but I also enjoyed the amount of time we spent with them together doing the simple things in life, like making breakfast, to reinforce that they were actually destined to be together.

Spencer believes he suffers from erectile dysfunction. I liked how Emilio tried to help him with it both emotionally and physically. Needless to say, there were a lot of very hot and steamy sex scenes and moments.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sexy and romantic story where love flowed easily between two good men while they found their place in each other's lives. Another fantastic treat from Cardeno C., who has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

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