By Design - Lisa Worrall Making your dream come true might not mean as much if you lose your lover in the process.

Robbie Cooper recently opened up his own tattoo parlor. It's great that the business is extremely busy, but it's causing serious problems with his boyfriend. He needs to figure out how to keep his dream alive while also keeping the love of his life close by his side.

This is such a challenging storyline to write. During the entire story, you have to either believe that Robbie is cheating on his boyfriend, or that there is something else going on. Unfortunately, if it doesn't work, then the steamy sex scene is upsetting instead of exciting. The story needed something more to make it really work. Rob spends quite a bit of time giving Shane a tattoo, but they didn't have any deep and meaningful conversations during that time. A nice discussion might have helped the believability factor. I really liked Rob, and I could feel his frustration with wanting to take care of every customer while also wanting to have a life again. We didn't learn very much about his boyfriend except that the person was tired of Rob working late. Shane was sexy and sweet, and their sex scene was pretty steamy.

A cute sexy short with a little bit of mystery surrounding the anonymous sex partner.

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