Book Reviews - Getting Caught Up

Run this Town #1 & #2 by Avril Ashton


I just devoured these two books. Raw and gritty and definitely not sweet romances. Rival gangs, bloodshed, intense jealousy. Enjoyable for something different. I already bought the 3rd one but wanted to take a break so that it still feels edgy when I read it.


Strange Bedfellows by Cardeno C

Loved this story! Very typical story by this author - excellent writing, very sweet, great characters. One of my favorite authors and this book was perfect for me.


Love is an Open Road

Trying to make a point of reading these as much as possible. I hate negatively reviewing stories that are free even though I love when other people do. I've read a few that were good, but here are the ones I enjoyed enough to recommend:


An American Homo in Paris by Vanessa North

Ten Simple Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse by Cari Z (I also LOVED her book from last year's event.)

Waiting for Clark by Annabeth Albert


I also read Cronin's Key #1& 2 by NR Walker and enjoyed both of them.