Duck (Avian Shifters #1) by Kim Dare (5 Stars)

Duck! - Kim Dare

Two shifters fall in love based on an incorrect assumption. Can their love survive when the truth comes out?


Ori is a fledgling looking forward to his full transformation into a duck. He’s living and working with a group of other avian shifters, but the other shifters are physically and emotionally abusing him. Fortunately, most of the abuse is described during flashbacks with minimal detail.


Raynard recently lost his uncle and is now responsible for taking over all of his business dealings. He’s beyond angry at Ori’s treatment, and decides to take Ori in as his own servant. They quickly settle into a beautiful, loving relationship as Raynard discovers Ori is the perfect submissive for him. Ori would do anything for Raynard and the feelings are mutual. These two take care of each other in so many ways. Ori creates a true home for Raynard, while Raynard protects Ori and builds his self-confidence.


As certain events unfold, Raynard makes a sacrifice out of his pure love for Ori. Although my heart was breaking, and tears were streaming down my face, I was also touched by their deep love for each other. As always, the author delivers on her promise of a happy ending.