Unearthing Cole (Discovering Me #1) by A.M. Arthur (4.5 Stars)

Unearthing Cole - A.M. Arthur, JP Handler

This was not an easy book to read from the standpoint that Cole has not had a pleasant life. His parents were hoarders, and now that they both passed away, Cole has to clean up the mess. He finally escaped a physically and mentally abusive relationship, but even years of therapy haven’t completely freed his mind. Jeremy was the best thing that ever happened to Cole, and their relationship seemed so natural and easy. We only get Cole’s POV in this story, but I’m looking forward to Jeremy’s in the next story. The story ended with an HFN, but with a little imagination, I could see it as an HEA if you didn’t want to continue the series.

Source: http://kindleromancereviews.com/2015/01/01/unearthing-cole-discovering-me-1-by-a-m-arthur-4-5-stars